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(2019) PMP® in Depth: Project Management Professional Certification Study Guide for the PMP® Exam by Paul Sanghera (3rd Edition)

Project management practitioners preparing for the PMP exam, entry-level project managers and project team members preparing for the PMP exam, beginners who want to join the field of project management and get up to speed quickly, project managers who need a quick and easy reference to the discipline of project management, and instructors and trainers who want a textbook for the PMP exam or a course on project management Table of contents : Front Matter ….Pages i-xiv Front Matter ….Pages 1-1 Project Management Framework (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 3-43 Project Environment (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 45-85 Initiating the Project (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 87-111 Front Matter ….Pages 113-113 Planning Project and Scope (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 115-153 Planning for Project Schedule Management (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 155-197 Planning for Project Resources, Cost, and Procurement (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 199-250 Planning Quality and Risk Management (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 251-311 Planning for Communication and Stakeholder Management (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 313-341 Front Matter ….Pages 343-343 Managing Execution of Project Work (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 345-379 Managing Project Resources (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 381-417 Managing Communication and Stakeholder Engagement (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 419-436 Front Matter ….Pages 437-437 Monitoring and Controlling the Project Work (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 439-478 Monitoring and Controlling the Scope, Schedule, and Resources (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 479-517 Monitoring Stakeholder Engagement and Communication (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 519-533 Front Matter ….Pages 535-535 Closing the Project (Paul Sanghera)….Pages 537-548 Back Matter ….Pages 549-665

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