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Hydrology Studio Suite 2023 2

Hydrology Studio Suite 2023

The Hydrology Studio Suite is a collection of five superb drainage design programs that will streamline and standardize your stormwater design processes while adding a consistent, professional look throughout your firm. 

Culvert Studio. Was designed to be a culvert modeler that is as easy to use as it is beautiful to look at. Everything is right in front of you, leaving you to be more productive, and not searching for dialog boxes. Use it once and you’ll be hooked. It’ll be the culvert design software you’ll prefer to use – and love – on every project.

Channel Studio. Is easy-to-use software for modeling open channel systems. Compute water surface profiles for any open channel including bridge structures, culvert crossings and inline weirs. Perfect for site development projects.

Hydrology Studio. From complex watershed modeling to pre- and post-development drainage studies with detention ponds, Hydrology Studio makes stormwater design a breeze. This is exceptional hydrology software – simple to use – free to download.

Stormwater Studio. Finally, stand-alone storm sewer design software with an intuitive user interface. Featuring automated design & analysis capabilities; energy-based water surface profile calculations; user definable design constraints and very simple work flows.

Studio Express. The simple hydraulic calculator tool to do pipe, open channel, orifice, weir, inlet, hydrology and groundwater mounding calculations, on the fly.

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