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(2023) Amr Abdelrahman - Strengthening of Concrete Structures 2

(2023) Amr Abdelrahman – Strengthening of Concrete Structures

This book presents unified design approach for strengthening concrete members with different techniques such as concrete, steel, and FRP jacketing. Preference between the various techniques is explained in light of strengthening limits, procedures, and application for each case. Examples for evaluation of existing structures and design equations for strengthening concrete elements are presented based on the ACI design codes and standards. Numerical examples are also given for different strengthening techniques with illustrations for the construction methodology and detailing for each case.

Several case studies are explained starting from problem diagnosis, structure analysis, proposal for different strengthening methodologies, and implementation procedure for the selected scheme. The case studies include structures subjected to gravity loads, lateral loads, elevated temperature, and differential settlement of the foundations. It addresses design and construction errors, environmental impact, and soil movement.

The case studies include conventional reinforced concrete, post-tensioned, and precast concrete members

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