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Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete (ACI 355.4M-11) 2

Qualification of Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete (ACI 355.4M-11)


This standard prescribes testing and evaluation requirements for post-installed adhesive anchor systems intended for use in concrete under the provisions of ACI 318M. Criteria are separately prescribed to determine the suitability of adhesive anchors used in un cracked concrete only, or in both cracked and un cracked concrete. Criteria are prescribed to determine the design parameters and performance category for adhesive anchors. Included are assessments of the adhesive anchor system for bond strength, reliability, service conditions, and quality control. Special inspection (13.3) is required during anchor installation as noted in 10.22. Table 1.1 provides an overview of the scope.R1.1

This standard prescribes the testing programs required to qualify post-installed adhesive anchor systems for design in accordance with ACI 318M, Appendix D.Appendix D requires that anchors be tested either for use exclusively in un cracked concrete or for use in cracked and un cracked concrete conditions, whereby it is understood that the presence of cracking may occur at any time over the service life of the anchors. Test and assessment criteria are provided for various conditions, including loads (seismic and sustained), environmental with regard to humidity and temperature, and determination if anchors are acceptable for use in cracked or un cracked concrete.

Refer to Cook and Konz (2001) for a review of factors that influence adhesive anchor behavior. Refer to Fuchs et al. (1995) for background on the concrete breakout design model and to Eligehausen etal. (2006) and Zamora et al. (2003) for a discussion of bond models for adhesive and grouted anchors. For a discussion of issues associated with the qualification and design of systems for post-installed reinforcing bars, refer to Spieth etal. (2001).

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