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Guide to Quality Control and Assurance of High-Strength Concrete 2

Guide to Quality Control and Assurance of High-Strength Concrete


The cement and concrete industry’s interest in high-strength concrete prompted the American Concrete Institute to form ACI Committee 363 in 1979. The mission of the committee was to study and report information on high-strength concrete (HSC). HSC is considered one type of high-performance concrete (HPC) that is most often specified for enhanced strength characteristics, although may also be specified for its improved durability. ACI 363R was the first document produced by this committee in 1984, and contained significant information regarding material selec-tion, mixing and placing, inspection and testing, physical properties, structural design, economics, and examples of applications.

This guide is an extension of ACI 363R and presents guidelines to facilitate the proper evaluation of HSC through correct quality control (QC) and testing. HSCs may beproduced with innovative materials and procedures not covered in this guide. This guide is not intended to restrict the use of new or innovative QC practices or testing methodsas they become available or necessary. The user is cautioned that this guide is for general usage only, and individualprojects may require additional QC and testing effort.

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