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Specification for the Construction of Drilled Piers ACI 336.1-01 2

Specification for the Construction of Drilled Piers ACI 336.1-01


1.1.1 This Reference Specification covers requirements for drilled pier construction and applies to drilled piers of 30 in.(750 mm) diameter and larger. The Contractor shall submit proposed installation methods to the Owner’s Representa-tive-Geotechnical Engineer. Methods compatible with thedesign intent, as determined by the Owner’s Representative-Geotechnical Engineer, will be accepted. Methods that arenot compatible with the design intent will be rejected.

1.1.2 The provisions of this Specification shall govern, un-less otherwise specified in the Contract Documents. In caseof conflicting requirements, the Contract Documents shallgovern. Conflicting requirements shall be submitted to theOwner’s Representative for resolution.

Inspection—Observation of construction, equipment, and materials used therein, and actual subsurface conditions that, along with related construction engineering decisions made by the Owner’s Representative-Geotechnical Engineer, en-ables the Owner’s Representative-Geotechnical Engineer torender a professional opinion on expected foundation perfor-mance and the Contractor’s conformance with the Contract Documents.

Liner—A cylindrical form of pier design diameter havingthe tensile strength to withstand internal concrete pressures and not designed for external earth and water pressures; used inside an oversized temporary casing to prevent possible concrete contamination when temporary casing is removed. Owner—Corporation, association, partnership, individu-al, public body, or authority with whom the Contractor en-ters into agreement and for whom the Work is provided. Owner’s Representative—Architect, Structural Engi-neer, or Geotechnical Engineer authorized to act on behalf ofthe Owner

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