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Concrete Structures for Containment of Hazardous Materials (ACI 350.2R-04) 2

Concrete Structures for Containment of Hazardous Materials (ACI 350.2R-04)


This report is intended for use in the structural design and construction of hazardous material containment systems .Hazardous material containment structures require secondary containment and, sometimes, leak-detection systems. Because of the economic and environmental impact of even small amounts of leakage of hazardous materials, both primary and secondary containment systems should be virtually leak free. Therefore, when primary or secondary containment systems involve concrete, special design and construction techniques are required. This report supplements and enhances the requirements of ACI 350, which is intended for structures commonly used in water containment, industrial and domestic water, and wastewater treatment works. ACI350, however, does not give specific guidance on the design of the double containment systems, leak-detection systems, or the additional recommendations for enhancing liquid-tightness covered in this report.

This report does not apply to primary or secondary containment of cryogenic liquids, nonliquid materials, or to systems containing radio active materials. The use of information in this report does not ensure compliance with applicable regulations. The recommendations in this report were based on the best technical knowledge available at the time they were written; however, they maybe supplemented or superseded by applicable local, state, and national regulations.

Therefore, it is important to research such regulations (see Section 8.1) thoroughly. Guidelines for containment and leakage-detection systems given in this report involve combinations of materials that may not be readily available in all areas. Therefore, local distributors and contractors should be contacted during the design process to ensure that materials are available. Proper and thorough inspection of construction is essential to ensure a quality final product. The written program for inspection should be detailed and comprehensive, andshould be clearly understood by all parties involved. See Section 4.3 for an inspection checklist. (See ACI 311.4R forguidance in inspection programs.) A preconstruction confer-ence to discuss the program in detail is recommended.Personnel should be qualified, experienced, and certified asapplicable to their specialty.

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