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Standard Specification for Cold Weather Concreting (306.1-90) 2

Standard Specification for Cold Weather Concreting (306.1-90)


This Standard Specification covers require-ments for cold weather concreting and protection of concrete from freezing during the specified protectionperiod.1.1.2The provision of this Standard Specification shall govern unless otherwise specified in the Contract Documents. These definitions are to assist in interpreting the pro-visions of this specification. Accepted – Accepted by or acceptable to the Archi-tect/Engineer. Architect/Engineer -The architect, engineer, archi-tectural firm, engineering firm, or architectural and en-gineering firm issuing Project Drawings and Specifica-tions, or administering the Work under the Contract Documents. Cold weather – A period when for more than three successive days the average daily outdoor temperature drops below 40 F.

The average daily temperature is the average of the highest and lowest temperature duringthe period from midnight to midnight. When tempera-tures above 50 F occur during more than half of any 24hr duration, the period shall no longer be regarded ascold weather. Cold weather concreting – Operations concerning the placing, finishing, curing, and protection of con-crete during cold weather. Contractor – The person, firm, or corporation with whom the Owner enters into an agreement for con-struction of the Work. Contract documents – Documents including theProject Drawings and Project Specifications covering the required Work. Day – A time period of 24 consecutive hours. Owner – The corporation, association, partnership,individual, or public body or authority with whom the Contractor enters into an agreement and for whom the Work is provided.

Project drawings -The drawings, which along with the Project Specifications, complete the descriptive in-formation for constructing the Work required or re-ferred to in the Contract Documents. Project specifications – The written documents which specify requirements for a project in accordance with the service parameters and other specific criteria established by the Owner. Protection period – The required time during which the concrete is maintained at or above a specific tem-perature in order to prevent freezing of the concrete orto ensure the necessary strength development for struc-tural safety.

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