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2-WAY SPANNING INSITU CONCRETE SLABS to BS 8110:2005 (Table 3.14) 2


To design a two-way spanning in-situ concrete slab using Table 3.14 of BS 8110:2005, you will need the following information:

Loadings: Determine the imposed load, dead load, and any other relevant loadings acting on the slab. These loads will depend on the specific project and its requirements.

Span dimensions: Determine the span dimensions of the slab, including the longer span (L) and the shorter span (S). These dimensions will determine the size and spacing of the reinforcement.

Concrete grade: Select an appropriate concrete grade based on the project requirements. The concrete grade will affect the strength and durability of the slab.

Steel reinforcement: Determine the steel reinforcement required for the slab. This will include the bar diameter, bar spacing, and bar arrangements.

Once you have gathered this information, you can use Table 3.14 in BS 8110:2005 to determine the slab thickness and the steel reinforcement details. The table provides values for the minimum slab thickness, maximum span-to-depth ratios, and reinforcement requirements based on the loading and span dimensions.

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