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Wood Column Design 2

Wood Column Design

All architectural wood columns are custom made to meet your specific commercial and residential job requirements. We can reproduce an existing design from a photo or drawing or work closely with you to create something special for your project. In addition to the column, we can provide your caps and bases as well. Depending on whether you have interior wood columns or exterior wood columns, we will help you choose the perfect wood species to use. Various species are available, including mahogany columns, interior oak columns, cypress wood columns, as well as may other species. Please contact us to discuss you specific needs and wood specie options.

Some columns are purely decorative and others are for both structural as well as decorative purposes. If your columns will be load-bearing, please advise this information and we can work with you to meet all structural requirements. We can also produce stave constructed split columns to fit over structural columns that you may want to cover.

We can provide columns as large as 24” diam and 144” long in one piece construction and even longer if produced in sections.

Some common column design options include the following. For additional design inspiration, please visit our photo gallery. Additionally, if you have a photo or an image of column you like, we have the ability to replicate it very closely at your required dimensions.

Caps and Bases

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