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GoBeam 2


The easiest and most straight forward continuous beam analysis. Features static and moving loads, support settlements, non-linear analysis of beam on elastic foundation, plastic moment redistribution analysis and influence lines analysis.
The main asset of GoBeam is productivity. The simple and clear interface layout offers minimum time to enter beam parameters and to get complete analysis results, including graphs and tables. Despite of visual simplicity GoBeam offers unique features greatly appreciated by engineers.
Modeling Up to 100 spans

  • Concentrated and linear loads
  • Support displacement load
  • Free or fixed ends of the beam
  • Column supports
  • Elastic and compression only supports
  • In-span hinges
  • Variable beam stiffness within a span
  • Static analysis
  • Beam on elastic foundation non-linear analysis
  • Support settlement analysis
  • Moving load analysis for user-defined lane+truck type of loads. Standards loads such as HL93, CL-625, M 1600, Cooper E90 and others are included in truck database.
  • Influence lines of forces, support reactions and deflections
  • Plastic analysis: progressive collapse and moment redistribution
  • Multiple load cases
  • Load combinations
  • Force envelopes
  • Section properties calculator
  • SI and US customary units
    Customized printing

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