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Principles of Structure Wyatt, Kenneth James 2

Principles of Structure Wyatt, Kenneth James

Book Description

Preference :
Principles of Structural begins with a chapter explaining forces and their effects. Other chapters cover ties and struts, loadings, graphical statics, bracings, shears and moments, stresses, deflections, and beam design. There is also an appendix with a fuller explanation of fundamentals for readers unfamiliar with the basic concepts of geometry and statics.

The book offers a unique format with right-hand pages containing text and left-hand pages containing complementary commentary including explanations and expansions of points made in the text and worked examples. This cross-referencing gives readers a range of perspectives and a deeper understanding of each topic. The simple mathematical approach and logical progression—along with the hints and suggestions, worked examples and problem sheets—give beginners straightforward access to elementary structural engineering.

Content :

  • Forces, Moments, and Equilibrium
  • Ties and Struts
  • Loadings on Buildings
  • Graphical Statics
  • Pin-Jointed Structures
  • Bracing of Buildings
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment
  • Properties of Area
  • Bending Stresses
  • Shear Stresses
  • Deflections
  • Design of Beams

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