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Wind Tunnel Testing of High-Rise Buildings Richard F. Fellows 2

Wind Tunnel Testing of High-Rise Buildings Richard F. Fellows

Book Description

Preference :
The primary goal of this guide is to provide an overview of the wind tunnel testing process for design professionals. This knowledge should allow readers to ask the correct questions of their wind engineering consultants throughout the design process.

The guide is not intended to be an in-depth guide to the technical intricacies of wind tunnel testing, as these are covered in several other publications. The guide does, however, introduce one topic that has not been addressed previously, but which the design community needs: a methodology for the presentation of wind tunnel results to allow straightforward comparison of results from different wind tunnel laboratories. The wind loads provided by wind engineering specialists have a major effect on the construction costs of many tall buildings.

Content :

1 Introduction 

2 Nature of Wind Effects

3 Wind Tunnel Testing

4 Methods

5 Prediction of Load Effects for Strength Design and Serviceability

6 Format for Comparing Wind Tunnel Results

7 Use of Wind Tunnel Results

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