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Fire Safety Engineering - Design of Structures J. Purkiss 2

Fire Safety Engineering – Design of Structures J. Purkiss

Book Description

Preference :
Before setting the groundwork for the complete subject of fire safety engineering and its influence on the overall planning, design, and construction of building structures, it is necessary to attempt to define what is meant by ‘fire safety engineering’.

There is, as yet, no absolute definition, although the following may be found acceptable: Fire safety engineering can be defined as the application of scientific and engineering principles to the effects of fire in order to reduce the loss of life and damage to property by quantifying the risks and hazards involved and provide an optimal solution to the application of preventive or protective measures.

The concepts of fire safety engineering may be applied to any situation where the fire is a potential hazard. Although this text is mainly concerned with building structures, similar principles are equally applicable to the problems associated with oil or gas installations or other structures such as highway bridges.

Content :

  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Design Philosophies
  • Prescriptive Approach
  • The behavior of Natural Fires
  • Properties of Materials at Elevated Temperatures
  • Calculation Approach
  • Design of Concrete Elements
  • Design of Steel Elements
  • Composite Construction
  • Design of Timber Elements
  • Masonry, Aluminium, Plastics, and Glass
  • Frames
  • Assessment and Repair of Fire Damaged Structures

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