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Advance Steel 2022 Install 2

Advance Steel 2022 Install

Advance Steel is a leading edge steel construction application designed for steel professionals.

It provides a simple, user-friendly working environment for creating 3D structural models from which drawings are created.

You create and store the 3D model in a DWG drawing format. The Advance Steel model forms the basis of the 3D construction. Use Advance Steel structural elements (such as portal frames or stairways) to build complex structures with all the required features and connections.

The Advance Steel model becomes the master reference for other tools:

  • Automatically create dimensioned and labeled general arrangement and shop drawings.
  • Manage the general arrangement and shop drawings with the Advance Steel Document Manager. The update tool in the Document Manager makes single-click drawing adjustments possible after model changes.
  • Create structured Bills of Materials (BOMs) and NC-information files from the model and include all model information, such as part marks and quantities. The Document Manager also controls these documents.
Advance Steel 2022 Install 3
Advance steel 2022 Introduction

About Working with Advance Steel

This is a brief introduction to working with Advance Steel, describing the basic objects and methodology.Note: The examples presented in this guide are generic for worldwide use and do not conform to local or specific company standards.

The Connections chapter describes how some Advance Steel connections create models. The 3D model uses a 1″ = 1″ scale and contains information about dimensions, objects, and attributes from which drawings are created as described in the Create and Manage Drawings chapter. The Advance Steel Objects chapter describes the fundamental objects that create a small steel structure.

This introduction does not describe all Advance Steel tools. Refer to the rest of the Advance Steel Help sections for more details on all commands and parameters.

Start using Advance Steel

Learn about the Advance Steel user interface and more.

3D Modeling

Learn how to model a 3D steel structure using intelligent steel connections. Starting from this model you will create drawings and lists.

How to install

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