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IDEA StatiCa v20.1.5115.1 + Patch 2

IDEA StatiCa v20.1.5115.1 + Patch



The new version of IDEA StatiCa is here! 

Whether you are using IDEA StatiCa as a standalone app or via BIM links with FEA/CAD applications, the version 20.1 will speed up your connection design dramatically. All that with our focus to enable engineers to evaluate the requirements of the national code thoroughly, and use the optimal amount of material. 

Highlights of this version are:

  • Cost estimation – know how much the connection will cost, real-time in the 3D scene, based on your fabrication data. 
  • Pre-design – IDEA StatiCa engine proactively models parts of connections for you, speeding up the process of fine-tuning your designs to be the best of the best.
  • Bulk selection of connections from Tekla, Advance Steel, Revit – no more selecting connections one-by-one in 3 steps. Just drag over 10 connections in Tekla and IDEA StatiCa exports them automatically. Some changes in Tekla? Just click “Sync all”.

Next to that, we prepared some improvements on the IDEA StatiCa licensing to enable you flexible and comfortable license management.  

We hope you will enjoy all our new features and improvements and would love to hear your feedback anytime. 

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34 thoughts on “IDEA StatiCa v20.1.5115.1 + Patch”

    1. Yes
      Now, IDEA StatiCa Steel users can choose from 8 international or national codes and standards. Some of them are used almost worldwide, some are really localized.

      AISC – American Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges
      EN – Eurocode – used in the majority of European countries (without national annexes)
      CISC – Canadian Code of Standard Practice for Structural Steel
      AS – Australian Standards and Codes of Practice
      SP – Russian National Standards
      GB – Chinese National Standards
      HKG – Hong Kong Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Steel
      IS – Indian Standards (added in May 2020)

  1. When I am installing IDEA StatiCa v20.1.5115.1, it is prompting for account details. do I need to create Login Id to run the software??

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