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Handbook of Engineering Practice of Materials and Corrosion by Jung-Chul (Thomas) Eun, 2

Handbook of Engineering Practice of Materials and Corrosion by Jung-Chul (Thomas) Eun,


For more than 38 years of experience as an engineer specialized in metallurgy in the oil and gas industry, I have been involved
in numerous project executions that are related to different industrial requirements. As I understand that identifying project
definition and developing the best engineering practice in compliance with the industrial requirements are laborious process, I
found it necessary to have a book that provides an overview of all the requirements of materials and corrosion engineering and
decided to put my experience together.
This is a guide handbook (Engineering Practice of Materials and Corrosion-“EPMC”) for materials and corrosion
engineering and could be useful to experienced engineers who work in the oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries.
This book provides background knowledge and rationale of the engineering data based on the industrial requirements, such as
codes, standards, local regulations, specifications, manuals, and common company guidelines. Throughout this book, I
intended to provide simplified applications, options, and comparisons of such requirements in an integrated view.
Engineers and technicians are often faced with several different factors when working on projects, such as safety, timeline,
budgets, and cost management. To satisfy these objectives, the industrial requirements are often met as minimum, and
exemptions or mitigations are commonly practiced. I hope this guideline and examples provided herein will support the
readers in executing the best engineering practice more effectively while meeting the project goals.
The requirements of codes, standards, and regulations will be continuously updated; however, the logical contents and
rationale may rarely be changed. I also hope that the contents in this book may be useful to the readers for a long time.

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