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Reinforcing Bar Detailing by CRSI Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute [5th Edition] 2

Reinforcing Bar Detailing by CRSI Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute [5th Edition]


This book provides the basic knowledge for a Detailer of reinforcing bars, bar supports and welded wire reinforcement.
Detailing, described briefly, is the preparation of placing drawings complete with bar lists with sufficient information for:
(1) the Fabricator to fabricate the bars and to order (when required by the Contract) the bar supports and welded wire
reinforcement; and (2) the Ironworkers to install these products at the jobsite.

The reader is shown how to translate and transfer the requirements presented on structural drawings and other
documents onto a proper placing drawing. The language and form of the information are emphasized to achieve simplicity
and efficiency for the end users – the Fabricator and the Ironworker.

This textbook is intended for use by technical schools, junior colleges, and for on-the-job training programs. It is assumed
that the reader has completed basic courses in high school mathematics, including elementary algebra and plane geometry.
Trigonometry is desirable for the beginner and is necessary for more advanced training. The reader should have completed
a course in elementary drafting and have some knowledge of blueprint reading. A course in computer-aided drafting (CAD)
is recommended and will most likely be required by companies where CAD is in use. It is also recommended that the
reader possess basic computer skills such as those used in data entry, word processing, and spreadsheet applications.
Each reinforcing steel company may use somewhat different detailing practices and different formats for its placing
drawings and bar lists to suit its particular operation. This textbook represents basic and generally accepted practices.
Adjustments to a particular company’s system should be minor.

After completing Part I (Chapters 1 to 14), the Detailer should have an overall perspective to prepare for Part II (Chapters
15 to 18). In Part II, the actual study of reinforcing bar detailing begins.

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