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ECCS – 125 – Buckling of Steel Shells, European Design Recommendations, Eurocode 3, Part 1-6, 5th Edition – OCR

Metal shell structures have a very wide range of civil engineering applications, from towers, masts, wind turbine towers and chimneys to large storage vessels such as silos, tanks and biodigesters, as well as in pile foundations and harbour wall structures. A shell structure delivers great strength for a limited amount of material, and is highly optimised for each specific application. But this efficiency and optimisation brings with it both a susceptibility to buckling failures and the most complex behaviour of any class of structure. This book provides the designer with a comprehensive guide to the structural design of large metal shells, using either algebraic treatments or computer calculations of various complexities. It is closely based on the world’s leading standard on shell structural design, Eurocode 3 Part 1.6 (EN 1993-1-6), which includes extensive generic rules for all metal shells. This book provides an essential background and explanation of the rules, and extends them significantly. Using this book, the designer can confidently design large metal shells for a wide range of civil engineering applications.

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