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Construction Scheduling With Primavera P6 Jongpil Nam [2016] 2

Construction Scheduling With Primavera P6 Jongpil Nam [2016]

Project scheduling is one of the vital factors that contributes to a project’s
success or failure. A project schedule provides a pathway towards the
completion of a project as scheduled, and continuous feedback on how the
project is progressing. However, schedule controllers are often frustrated
when their schedules are impeded by unexpected events, or at colleagues’
failure to comprehend their schedules correctly and communicate with
schedulers efficiently. Thus, a primary concern of schedulers today involves
developing comprehensive schedules as early as possible, and using them
efficiently to best communicate with their clients and colleagues.
Furthermore, a good schedule has to provide schedulers and project
management team members with an opportunity to anticipate any risks so
that the project management team can prepare countermeasures to mitigate

This book focuses on planning and scheduling for construction projects and
presents field-site-based best practices related to schedule management and
Primavera P6, and offers strategies that utilise scheduling methodologies
and tools. These strategies are based on the theory of schedule management
and features of scheduling software packages, which can be applied in
every field site no matter what the construction project type is. This book
introduces examples and tips, as well as suggestions for developing
efficient schedules and management methods that ensure immediate
improvement in schedule controlling. This book is designed to be
Primavera P6 user-friendly, so readers using P6 can understand P6-based
schedule management with ease.
This book covers all matters schedulers should know and understand

regarding schedule management. It also includes the missing manuals of
schedule management textbooks and Primavera P6 manuals. Therefore, I
recommend that those who want to be a skilled scheduler make use of this
book, along with schedule management textbooks and Primavera P6

Construction Scheduling With Primavera P6 Jongpil Nam [2016] 3

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  1. Primavera P6 features advanced scheduling solutions where you can create activities under WBS (work breakdown structure) levels.

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