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2020 Static and Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Structures by Levon G. Petrosian, Vladimir A. Ambartsumian

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Structures examines static and dynamic analysis of engineering structures for methodological and practical purposes. In one volume, the authors – noted engineering experts – provide an overview of the topic and review the applications of modern as well as classic methods of calculation of various structure mechanics problems. They clearly show the analytical and mechanical relationships between classical and modern methods of solving boundary value problems.

The first chapter offers solutions to problems using traditional techniques followed by the introduction of the boundary element methods. The book discusses various discrete and continuous systems of analysis. In addition, it offers solutions for more complex systems, such as elastic waves in inhomogeneous media, frequency-dependent damping and membranes of arbitrary shape, among others. Static and Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Structures is filled with illustrative examples to aid in comprehension of the presented material. The book:

  • Illustrates the modern methods of static and dynamic analysis of structures;
  • Provides methods for solving boundary value problems of structural mechanics and soil mechanics;
  • Offers a wide spectrum of applications of modern techniques and methods of calculation of static, dynamic and seismic problems of engineering design;
  • Presents a new foundation model.

Written for researchers, design engineers and specialists in the field of structural mechanics, Static and Dynamic Analysis of Engineering Structures provides a guide to analyzing static and dynamic structures, using traditional and advanced approaches with real-world, practical examples.

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