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ANSYS for Finite Element Analysis Volume I – & Volume II – Tutorials by Wael Altabey, Mohammad Noori, Libin Wang

Finite Element Method (FEM) is a well-established technique for analyzing
the behavior and the response of structures or mechanical components
under static, dynamic, or thermal loads. Over the past two decades the use
of finite element analysis as a design tool has grown rapidly. Easy to use
commercial software have become common tools in the hands of students
as well as practicing engineers. The objective of this two volume book is
to demonstrate the use of one of the most commonly used Finite Element
Analysis software, ANSYS, for linear static, dynamic, and thermal

through a series of tutorials and examples. Some of the topics and
covered in these tutorials include development of beam, frames,
and grid equations; 2-D elasticity problems; dynamic analysis; and heat
transfer problems. We are hoping these simple, yet, fundamental tutorials
will assist the users with the better understanding of finite element

how to control modeling errors, the safe use of the FEM in support
of designing complex load bearing components and structures. There
are many good textbooks currently used for teaching the fundamentals of
finite element methods. There are also detailed users manuals available
for commercial software (ANSYS). However, those sources are useful for
advanced students and users. Therefore, there was a need to develop a
tutorial that would supplement a course in basic finite element or can be
used by practicing engineers who may not have the advanced training in
finite element analysis. That is the gap addressed by this book.
ANSYS, composite materials, Dynamics, Failure analysis, Fatigue loads,
FEM, optimization, statistics

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