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Fundamental of soil mechanics by Muhammad Siddique Qureshi and Aziz Akbar 2

Fundamental of soil mechanics by Muhammad Siddique Qureshi and Aziz Akbar

Fundamental of soil mechanics Muhammad Siddique Qureshi and Aziz Akbar

The purpose of this book is to provide a text book for civil engineering students who are
beginning the study Of Soil Mechanics. book has been prepared to include the
outlines of Soil Mechanics courses currently being taught at University •of Engineering and
Technology (UET), Lahore in particular and in the other engineering institutions of
Pakistan in general.

This book has been developed partly out of our notes prepared for teaching Soil
Mechanics and Foundation Engineering to both under-graduate and post-graduate classes
at UET, Lahore. Materials for this bookAnve also been taken from the books written by
many authors. Some more recently developed materials have been drawn out of published
geotechnical literature, journals, design manuals etc. A list of the geotechnical literature
consulted during the preparation of this book has been included in the form of
bibliography at the end of book.
In developing this text book, easy readability and simplicity of presentation for clear
understanding of beginners have been our main consideration. A number of worked-out
exanples have been included which we believe would prove very useful for the students.
Sufficient number ofproblems have been added at the end of each chapter for the practice
of students.

We believe this book Will also prove useful to the practicing engineers involved in
consultancy related to Geotechnical, Structural and Highway Engineering etc. and those

who are supervising the civil engineering construction works. Chapters dealing with
Settlement, Bearing Capacity, and Stability of Slopes are prepared specifically for this
The authors express their profound gratitude to (JET, Lahore for providing financial help
needed for the preparation of manuscript of this book.

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