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The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025 American Society of Civil Engineers


The Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025 presents an aspirational global vision for the future of civil engineering, addressing all levels and facets of the civil engineering community. The report is based on discussions from The Summit on the Future of Civil Engineering: 2025, held in Landsdowne, Virginia, June 21–23, 2006. Offering the collective wisdom of more than 60 experts from around the world, this report describes the knowledge, skills, and attitudes desirable for a civil engineer in 2025.

The original report was supplemented two years later by Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025: A Roadmap for the Profession, published in 2009. The second report sketches the path to transform the original vision into concrete action, articulated by five vision statements and a series of supporting outcomes with high-level action steps called tactics.

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