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[2020] BIM for Design Coordination by Fernanda L. Leite 2

[2020] BIM for Design Coordination by Fernanda L. Leite

[2020] BIM for Design Coordination by Fernanda L. Leite 3

A tactical guide to successful Virtual Design and Construction project coordination, featuring case studies from leading VDC firms.

Virtual Design Coordination (VDC) employs information-rich Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enable specialty designers and contractors to create a single, coordinated set of designs that can prevent cost overruns, avoid schedule delays, and identify issues in the field. Although BIM-based design coordination is widely used in the commercial construction industry, there remains a need for a standardized practice. BIM for Design Coordination formalizes industry best practices and provides structured guidelines to the process.

Helping readers gain the benefits of BIM-based design coordination, this practical guide covers areas such as setting up a project for success, model quality impacts on design coordination, carrying out a successful VDC session, and more. Specific guidelines for various project stakeholders are laid out in detail, while real-world examples of project design coordination workflows and templates for BIM Project Execution Plans (PxPs) are provided throughout the text. Written by a leading expert and educator in the field, this book:

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