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GEO5 – Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v16.00.24.00 including GeoStructural FEM

GeoStructural Analysis

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis is geotechnical analysis software, which allows you to evaluate alternate design scenarios within a single, interoperable product suite, ensuring that the subsurface data is used efficiently for an integrated project delivery.

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis includes Excavation Analysis, Foundation Analysis, and Retaining Wall Analysis.

GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis
The GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis suite contains tools for performing Finite Element modeling for a range of geotechnical problems including excavation, slope stability, foundation beams, settlement, tunneling, and more.

Key Features

  • Leverage a database of material models to accurately represent soil or rock mass properties
  • Model ground water conditions by defining the ground water table (GWT) or the pore water pressure distribution
  • Construct problems in axisymmetric or plane strain space
  • Utilize time-saving input of project information using DXF file format and automatic mesh generator
  • Generate boundary conditions automatically or through individual specification
  • Specify analysis for stress distribution, stability, fluid flow, and tunnels
  • Specify regional design standards for concrete (e.g., ACI) and steel structures
  • Accurately model complex multi-stage construction projects
  • Analyze an unlimited number of anchor, geogrid, and geotextile elements
  • Analyze an unlimited number of surcharge loads
  • Analyze project for stability throughout construction sequence to identify


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