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Prestressed Concrete Design 2nd Edition M.K. Hurst

Prestressed concrete is widely used in the construction industry in buildings, bridges, and other structures. The new edition of this book provides up-to-date guidance on the detailed design of prestressed concrete structures according to the provisions of the latest preliminary version of Eurocode 2: Design of Concrete Structures, DD ENV 1992-1-1: 1992. The emphasis throughout is on design – the problem of providing a structure to fulfil a given purpose – but fundamental concepts are also described in detail. All major topics are dealt with, including prestressed flat slabs, an important and growing application in the design of buildings. The text is illustrated throughout with worked examples and problems for further study. Examples are given of computer spreadsheets for typical design calculations. Prestressed Concrete Design will be a valuable guide to practising engineers, students and research workers.

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