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Lecture Notes in: STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Analysis and Design by Victor E. Saouma

Whereas there are numerous excellent textbooks covering Structural Analysis, or Structural Design, I felt that there was a need for a single reference which Provides a succinct, yet rigorous, coverage of Structural Engineering. Combines, as much as possible, Analysis with Design. Presents numerous, carefully selected, example problems. in a properly type set document. As such, and given the reluctance of undergraduate students to go through extensive verbage in order to capture a key concept, I have opted for an unusual format, one in which each key idea is clearly distinguishable. In addition, such a format will hopefully foster group learning among students who can easily reference misunderstood points. Finally, whereas all problems have been taken from a variety of references, I have been very careful in not only properly selecting them, but also in enhancing their solution through appropriate gures and LATEX typesetting macros.

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