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Explosion-Resistant Buildings: Design, Analysis, and Case Studies Book by M. Y. H. Bangash and T. Bangash

Manynationshavebecomevictimsofterrorism. Bombshaveexplodedinand around buildings and other structures. Such events have generated cons- erable concern over the ability of countries and governments to protect – stallations and their occupants against a potential threat of terrorism. Many countries have established defence agencies and research councils who are currently examining the structural integrity of existing buildings and other vital installations. In some countries codi’ed methods have been developed together with the design methodologies and construction techniques to try to protect old installations against vehicle bomb e’ects in particular. The purpose of this book is to give an exhaustive study of buildings structures resisting explosion with and without external/internal impactand ?recaused by such e’ects. A number of case studies with damage scenarios are included. The book is divided into various chapters. Chapter 1 gives a review of bomb-a’ected buildings. Case studies incl- ingAlfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma and World Trade Center (WTC) Twin Towers in New York have been given a wide coverage. Notable explosions in the world with relevant data are tabulated. After the sethed- age scenario of the Pentagon building is fully described. This chapter now resorts to the availability of data on major explosive elements, their ingredients and material properties.

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