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All the building structures have to design based on the relevant code of practice of standard. The choice of the standard code to be applied varies and sometimes depends on the requirement of the local authority or familiarity of the designers. Standard code is essential in the reinforced concrete structures design to provide a safety and economic design. Currently, BS 8110 and ACI-318 are the most widely used standards in designing reinforced concrete structures based on limit state principle. However, some of the design requirements such as partial safety factors, material properties, load combinations, etc. Are made to be different between BS 8110 and ACI-318. This may affect the cost of building structures that were designed using these two standards. The aim of this study is to design the reinforced concrete structures for a three-storey commercial building, which will be designed using ACI-318. The material properties such as characteristics strength of reinforcements and concrete, and dimensions of the structure elements are fixed. Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis is the reinforced concrete structure design package that will be used to design and produce the structural detailing for the three-storey building based on ACI-318. So then, generally, the study found out that the correctly designed structure may result in economical output while ensuring safety. (By using Autodesk Robot structural analysis software)

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