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Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming Book by Christian Nagel, Daniel Kemper, Jacob Vibe Hammer, Jon D. Reid, Karli Watson, and Morgan Skinner

Written for novice programmers who want to learn programmingwith C# and the .NET framework, this book offers programming basicssuch as variables, flow control, and object oriented programming.It then moves into web and Windows programming and data access(databases and XML). The authors focus on the tool that beginnersuse most often to program C#, the Visual C# 2012 developmentenvironment in Visual Studio 2012. Puts the spotlight on key beginning level topics witheasy-to-follow instructions for Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Explores how to program for variables, expressions, flowcontrol, and functions Explains the debugging process and error handling as well asobject oriented programming, and much more Beginning Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Programming offers beginners a guide to writing effective programming code following simple step-by-step methods, each followed by the opportunity to try out newly acquired skills.

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