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Advances in Deep Foundations Journal by Yoshiaki Kikuchi, Jun Otani, Makoto Kimura, Yoshiyuki Morikawa

The emerging design methodology Reliability-Based Design has become today’s norm in Japanese structural design codes and will soon be included in the international standard codes. To meet this trend, methods for the design and construction of deep foundations have made large advances. As deep foundation construction is one of the most important and applied executions in geotechnical engineering worldwide, both research work by academics and the experience and ideas of practitioners are required to develop this field and meet future standards. The International Workshop on Recent Advances in Deep Foundations (IWDPF07, Yokosuka, Japan, 1–2 February 2007) was held to transmit the information on recent advances in deep foundations to an international audience and to provide academics and practitioners the opportunity to discuss the latest developments.

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