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Tall building-foundation design ;by Harry G.Poulos 2

Tall building-foundation design ;by Harry G.Poulos

****Summary***** This book provides a comprehensive guide to the planning of foundations for tall buildings. After a general review of the characteristics of tall buildings, numerous foundation choices ar mentioned followed by the overall principles of foundation style as applied to tall buildings. extended attention is paid to the strategies of assessment of the geotechnical style parameters, as this can be a essential element of the planning method. an in depth treatment is then given to foundation style for numerous conditions, together with final stability, serviceableness, ground movements, dynamic loadings and seismal loadings. Basement wall style is additionally addressed . The last a part of the book deals with pile load testing and foundation performance activity, and eventually, the outline of variety of case histories. A feature of the book is that the stress it places on the assorted stages of foundation design: preliminary, careful and final, and also the presentation of variety of relevant strategies of style related to every stage. *****Table of Contents***** Introduction. Characteristics of Tall Buildings. choice of Foundation sort. Foundation style method and Criteria. Building masses. Assessment of Ground Conditions. style for final Limit State Loadings. style for serviceableness. style for Ground Movements. style for Dynamic Loadings. style for seismal Events. style of Basement Walls and Excavations. Pile Load Testing. Performance watching. Case Histories.

Tall building-foundation design ;by Harry G.Poulos 3

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