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Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete BY Institution of Structural Engineers (Great Britain), Concrete Society

This document is intended to become a standard reference that can be used in conjunction with the normal design codes and manuals for work in structural design offices. The objective has been to provide ‘good practice’ guidance within a working document on structural concrete that can be used to interpret the designer’s instructions in the form of drawings and schedules for communication to the site.

This edition considers the effects of Eurocode 2 on detailing principles and materials and attempts to provide guidance consistent with the Eurocodes. In addition, recent changes in practices and procurement of detailing services have been considered, such as the development of increased off-site fabrication and detailing being undertaken later in the construction sequence through initiatives such as contractor detailing.

The information and advice is based on Eurocodes and UK practice, which is associated with UK materials and labour costs. The principles and details are relevant for use in most parts of the world with only minor adjustment. As with the original Standard method, the Steering Group was formed from members of both the Institution of Structural Engineers and the Concrete Society. Views have been taken from a wide consultation on the drafts prepared.

All have been considered in finalising the document. Consequently the document reflects the current concerns and developments in the field of detailing.

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