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Seismic and wind design of concrete buildings : (2000 IBC, ASCE 7-98, ACI 318-99) Book by Satyendra Kumar Ghosh

The 3rd edition is updated by Alan Williams to the 2006 International Building Code, ASCE 7-05, ACI 318-05 and ACI 530-05. In each chapter, sections of the code are presented, analyzed and explained in a logical and simple manner and are followed by illustrative examples. Each concentrates on a specific section of the code and provides a clear and concise interpretation of the issue. The text is organized into six chapters corresponding to the primary structural design sections of the code: Seismic design Design for wind loads Seismic design of steel structures Seismic design of concrete structures Seismic design of wood structures Seismic design masonry structures This publication provides a comprehensive guide and desk reference for the application of the 2006 IBC and cites extensive reference publications that reflect current design practice (486 pages). Published by the International Code Council.

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