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Hydraulic Structures Book ;by A.I.B.Moffat, C.Nalluri, and P.Novák 2

Hydraulic Structures Book ;by A.I.B.Moffat, C.Nalluri, and P.Novák

The aim of the book, to produce a text for final year college man and postgraduate students, remains an equivalent as within the previous editions; we have a tendency to also trust that researchers, designers and operators of hydraulic structures will still notice the text of interest and a motivating up-to-date reference supply. This re-creation enabled North American country to update the text and references throughout, and to introduce some necessary changes and additions reacting to new developments within the field. we’ve conjointly taken note of some comments received on the previous edition; explicit thanks for the constructive comments and facilitate provided by faculty member J. Lewin in redrafting Chapter vi (Gates and valves). The authorship of individual chapters remains an equivalent as in previous editions; (Dr Narayanan meted out the work on this edition throughout his keep within the school of technology, Universiti Teknologi Asian nation, Johor Bahru, Malaysia). However, as our colleague Dr C. Nalluri sadly died in December 2003 ‘his’ text was reviewed by Dr Narayanan (Chapter 13) and faculty member Novak (Chapters nine, ten and 12) United Nations agency conjointly once more edited the full text. Reference:Novak, P., Moffat, A. I. B., Nalluri, C., & Narayanan, R. (2014). Hydraulic structures. CRC Press.

Hydraulic Structures Book ;by A.I.B.Moffat, C.Nalluri, and P.Novák 3

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