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Highways; The Location, Design, Construction & Maintenance of Road Pavements By C.A.O’Flaherty

Everybody travels, whether or not or not it’s to figure, play, shop, do business, or just visit people. All foodstuffs and raw materials should be carried from their place of origin to that of their consumption or adaptation, and made product should be transported to the marketplace and also the client. traditionally, folks have traveled and product have been moved: (1) by road, i.e. by walking and riding, mistreatment humans and numerous beasts to hold product or to tug sleds, carts, carriages and wagons, and (since the late nineteenth century) mistreatment cycles and cars like cars, buses and lorries; (2) by water, i.e. mistreatment (since early times) ships and boats on seas, rivers and canals; (3) by rail, i.e. ab initio mistreatment animals (in the first nineteenth century) so steam-, oil- or electric-powered locomotives to tug traveller carriages and product wagons; and (4) by air, i.e. mistreatment airships and aeroplanes (in the twentieth century). Reference:O’Flaherty, C. A. Highways the placement, Design, Construction and Maintanance of Road Pavements.

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