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Design Guide for Pile Caps ;by Timothy .Mays (CRSI,2015)

Table of Contents: Introduction Loads Pile Cap Behavior Dimensioning and detailing Pile Caps Pile Cap vogue for Gravity tons of Pile Cap vogue for Lateral tons of Seismic form of Pile Caps Design Examples Tabulated designs Selected References Notation Tables Appendix A – Derivations and Proofs Appendix B – Column-to-Pile Cap Connections Appendix C – Pile-to-Pile Cap Connections This vogue guide has been developed to supply the active engineer with associate degree thorough outline of pile cap vogue, detailing, and analysis methodologies that represent this state of observe among the trade. This contains comprehensive technical content and wise vogue examples utilizing on the subject of thirty entirely totally different, but usually used, pile cap configurations. Tabulated designs square measure provided for all aforementioned pile cap configurations and an honest vary of vertical loading, lateral loading, and overturning effects. therefore on higher understand the behavior of deep pile caps, a finite element study was performed and suggestions obtained from that study unit presented here.

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