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AASHTO LRFD: Bridge Design Specifications (6th:Ed) (US Customary Units) 2012 2

AASHTO LRFD: Bridge Design Specifications (6th:Ed) (US Customary Units) 2012

The provisions of those Specifications ar meant for the planning, evaluation, and rehabilitation of each mounted and movable route bridges.

Mechanical, electrical, and special conveyance and pedestrian safety aspects of movable bridges, however, aren’t coated. Provisions aren’t enclosed for bridges used alone for railway, rail-transit, or public utilities.

For bridges not totally coated herein, the provisions of those Specifications is also applied, as increased with extra criterion wherever needed. These Specifications aren’t meant to replace correct coaching or the exercise of judgment by the Designer, and state solely the minimum needs necessary to produce for public safety.

The Owner or the Designer might need the sophistication of style or the standard of materials and construction to be beyond the minimum needs. The ideas of safety through redundancy and plasticity and of protection against scour and collision ar emphasised.

the planning provisions of those Specifications use the Load and Resistance issue style (LRFD) methodology.

The factors are developed from the speculation of reliableness supported current applied math information of hundreds and structural performance. strategies of study apart from those enclosed in previous Specifications and also the modeling techniques inherent in them ar enclosed, and their use is inspired. seismal style shall be in accordance with either the provisions within these Specifications or those given in the AASHTO Guide Specifications for LRFD seismal Bridge style

AASHTO LRFD: Bridge Design Specifications (6th:Ed) (US Customary Units) 2012 3

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