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Soils and Foundations by Liu, Cheng, Evett Ph.D.(7th:Edition) 2

Soils and Foundations by Liu, Cheng, Evett Ph.D.(7th:Edition)

Table of Contents


1. Introduction

2. Engineering Properties of Soils

3. Soil Exploration

4. Soil Compaction and Stabilization

5. Water in Soil

6. Subsurface Stresses in Soils

7. Consolidation of Soil and Settlement of Structures

8. Shear Strength of Soil.

9. Shallow Foundations

10. Deep Foundations

11. Lateral Earth Pressure

12. Retaining Structures

13. Stability Analysis of Slopes

Answers to Selected Problems

Appendix: Conversion Factors

References Cited


We have tried to arrange associate introductory, sensible textbook for soil mechanics and foundations, that emphasizes style and sensible applications that ar supported by basic theory. Written during a} straightforward and direct vogue that ought to create it very easy to scan and perceive the topic matter, this book contains associate abundance of both example issues inside every chapter and work issues at the top of every chapter. additionally, there ar ample diagrams, charts, and illustrations throughout to help higher make a case for the topic matter. In summary, we’ve tried to extract the salient and essential aspects of soils and foundations and to gift them during a straightforward and straightforward manner. The preceding paragraph, slightly changed, began the preface of the primary six editions of Soils and Foundations, and that we assume that it ably relates our basic philosophy in getting ready the seventh edition. We have, however, deleted some out-of-date material, updated material wherever applicable, and additional new and essential material to the seventh edition. we tend to believe the result’s a way stronger, a lot of comprehensive, and therefore higher book.

Soils and Foundations by Liu, Cheng, Evett Ph.D.(7th:Edition) 3

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