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PLAXIS 3D 2013 / 2D 8.6 / Plaxis Foundation 2

PLAXIS 3D 2013 / 2D 8.6 / Plaxis Foundation

Plaxis is a finite elemental and advanced element for analysis of deformation and stability, and is used in geotechnical engineering projects. In most important geotechnical issues, an advanced behavioral model is required to model nonlinear behavior and time dependent soil, depending on the target.

With this software, a 6-node and 15-node triangular element can be modeled excavation and embankment with different loading conditions and boundary conditions. The first edition of Plaxis was designed to analyze soil dams constructed on soft soils in the lower reaches of the Netherlands and commissioned by the country’s water resources management at Delft University of Technology in 1987, and then expanded in 1993 by the Center For Civil Engineering Research and Codes has also been approved and supported. In Plaxis, the Mohar-Columbian behavior models, the hyperbolic hardening model, the softening model (the Cam-Clay model) and the creep softness model can be used, as well as the process of making and drilling by enabling and disabling the elements In the computational model.

An example of using this feature is to perform layer-to-layer analysis on slopes, dams and tunnels. Plaxis 3D Or Plaxis 3D Foundation is a software for the analysis of finite element of persistence and soil metamorphism in geotechnical engineering. The program, with numerous features, analyzes geotechnical structures from various angles, and this analysis is based on the scientific and theoretical foundations that researchers of this scientific branch have achieved. The Plaxis 3D Foundation defines complex structures consisting of artificial structures and soil in separation modes, and it is possible to work on any of the modalities. This product is user-friendly and has a high resilience in modeling and simulation, it has a powerful processing cores and perfectly performs postprocessing processes. This app is one of the best in the field of geotechnical engineering with the various features it provides users with. Plaxis is a powerful company specializing in geotechnical software applications and in addition to software, conferences and research seminars around the world. The software of this company is based on the finite element analysis method, which is used effectively in two-dimensional and three-dimensional products. The Plexis seminars are not about software training but the transfer of engineering knowledge among the members. In fact, Plexis does not just provide software and is constantly associated with researchers and geotechnical enthusiasts in this way. Both improve the quality of their products, and transfer technical knowledge and achievements between the students of the field.

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PLAXIS 3D 2013 / 2D 8.6 / Plaxis Foundation 3

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