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Pile Capacity Analysis Software


So, basically first I willdiscuss about the pile foundation then in the next module I will discuss about the wellfoundation or the…

So, these are the different types of deep foundation CAPACITY ANALYSIS Unit weight of soil (gamma) For undrained soils use phi’ = 0 Angle of friction (phi’) Adhesion Factor Angle of friction between pile and soil Depth to Water Table ? =Square, ? =Circular Diameter of pile Depth to base of pile Applied load – includes weight of pile Vertical Load P = Ks = 1-sin f Ks = Base Resistance Qb = Shaft Resistance Qs = Total ultimate resistance Qu = Qb + Qs Qu = Allowable Load Qa =Qb/SFbase+Qs/SFsaft Qa = Overall factor of safety Qu / P =

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