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Performance-Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire Conditions: A Calculation Methodology by David L. Parkinson, P.Eng.; Venkatesh Kodur, P.Eng.; and Paul D. Sullivan, P.E.

Abstract Prepared by the Fire Protection Committee of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. Performance-Based Design of Structural Steel for Fire Conditions presents a new method developed to improve the design of structural steel for fire conditions. New fire building codes have been adopted in North America, and this method simplifies the performance-based design approach. This manual is written only for two-dimensional thermal responses of structural steel to fires. Main topics include mathematical modeling, predicting time-temperature relationships, calculating the critical temperature in structural steel, fire resistance ratings, and maximum temperatures for suspended ceilings. The new method presented in this manual will be invaluable for anyone involved in structural engineering, fire safety, and construction engineering. Owners and managers of buildings will also greatly benefit.

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