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Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Book by S. K. Garg [19th Edition] 2

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Book by S. K. Garg [19th Edition]

Contents of the Book
1. Irrigation Techniques and Quality of Irrigation Water 2. Water Requirements of Crops 3. Canal Irrigation System 4. Sediment Transport and Design of Irrigation Channels 5. Lining of irrigation Canals and Economics of Lining 6. Reclaimation of Water-Logged and Saline Soils for Agricultural Purpose 7. Hydrology and Runoff Computations for Design of Hydraulic Structures across Rivers and Streams 8. Rivers, Their Behaviour, Control and Training 9. Diversion Head Works 10. Hydraulic Jump and Its usefulness in the design of Irrigation Structures 11. Theories of Seepage and Design of Weirs and Barrages 12. Canal Falls 13. Regulators Modules, and Miscellaneous Canal Structures 14. Cross Drainage Works 15. Construction of Culverts and Small Road Bridges Across Drains and Canals 16. Ground Water Hydrology and Construction of Wells and Tubewells 17. Dams in General and few Dams in Particular 18. Reservoirs and Planning for Dam Reservoirs 19. Design and Construction of Gravity Dams 20. Earthen Dams and Rock Fill Dams 21. Spillways, Energy Dissipators, and Spillway Gates 22. Types of Crest Gates 23. Outlet Works Through Dams and River Intakes 24. Pressure Conduits 25. Hydro-electric Power 26. River Navigation 27. Tank Irrigation 28. Arch and Buttress Dams 29. Irrigation Revenue Rates

The first edition Of this popular book was published in August 1976. At that time, the
book contained 25 Chapters with 963 standard sized pages , as compared with the 33 chapters
and 1572 large sized pages in this 19th edition. Never, even in his dreams, the author thought
at that Lime, that this book will become the ‘darling’ of the students and professionals dealing
in irrigation and water resources subjects, and shall be followed by students from almost
every engineering college of the country, including the prestigious 11T’s, D.C-E_, Regional
Engineering and other Colleges.

The growing popularity Of the book continued to push up its sales, encouraging the
author to go on revising and enlarging the text, from edition after edition. So far, 18 editions
Of this hook have been sold out With printed copies, and the present edition is its
19th one, whose 4400 copies are being allowed to be printed.

The continuous revision, edition after edition, had infact caused the book to become too
bulky to be handled with convenience. There were suggestions for bifurcating the book into
two volumes ; but again there were suggestions for not doing so. The Publishers, therefore,
decided to increase the size of the pages used in the book in order to reduce their numbers.
This change did help in reducing the thickness of this popular book from about 1900 pages
to about 1500 pages.

The units earlier adopted in the book have also been changed to the S.I. Units,
since these modern international units have by now , gained enough popularity in our country
Various Other changes have also been affected at several places in the text, as to make some
of the explanations easier and more definite. The question banks of the Engineering Services
as well asofthe Civi[Services Competitionsh@ve also been updated, up to Ghe year 2004.
Similar exercise has been affected in respect of the Objective Questions of the AMIE

Modern equations developedfor the design of irrigation channels in India On The basis
Of Kennedy’s and KutteÉ’s equations have been given, which will help in obtaining more
definite and quick solutions for rhe opcimgl designs of alluvial canals, besides developing
computerprogrammingfor their designs. Arricles on estimating sedin wnt load likely enter
a reservoir, and reservoir sedimentation studies on existing reservoirs have also been
inc(uded In the present edition, thorough revision has been carried ONI in the first 8
chapters of the book co provide simpler & easier explanations, besides updating the various
daras, as to make the book more & more useful ro rhe students, teachers & professionals.
Acknowledgements. In going through the nineteen editions Of the book, the author has
accumulated-an enorni6uS antoUntofinteneetual debtsfron•vstudents and teachers over
years, who had written to him about their satisfaction with the book and extended suggestions
for the improvement of its various editions, If the book today, is so strikingly popular, they
all deserve much of the credit. The author certainly wants them to know of his gratitudes
and openness to further suggestions, and is hence enlisting their names below :

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Book by S. K. Garg [19th Edition] 3

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