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Highway Engineering : Pavements, Materials and Control of Quality by Nikolaides, Athanassios (2014)

Table of contents : Content: Front cowl Contents Preface Acknowledgements Author Chapter 1: Soils Chapter 2: Aggregates Chapter 3: hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon binders and anti-stripping agents Chapter 4: Laboratory tests and properties of hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon emulsion Chapter 5: Hot asphalts Chapter 6: Cold asphalts Chapter 7: elementary mechanical properties of asphalts and laboratory tests Chapter 8: Production, transportation, birth and compaction of hot combine asphalts Chapter 9: internal control of production and acceptance of asphalts Chapter 10: Layers of versatile pavement Chapter 11: ways decisive stresses and deflectionsChapter 12: Traffic and traffic assessment Chapter 13: versatile pavement style methodologies Chapter 14: Rigid pavements and style methodologies Chapter 15: Pavement maintenance rehabilitation and strengthening Chapter 16: Pavement analysis and activity of purposeful and structural characteristics Chapter 17: Pavement management Chapter 18: Pavement usage

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