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Foundation Systems for High-Rise Structures Book by Deepankar Choudhury, Rolf Katzenbach, and Steffen Leppla

The book deals with the geotechnical analysis and design of foundation systems for high-rise buildings and other complex structures with a distinctive soil-structure interaction. The basics of the analysis of stability and serviceability, necessary soil investigations, important technical regulations and quality and safety assurance are explained and possibilities for optimised foundation systems are given. Additionally, special aspects of foundation systems such as geothermal activated foundation systems and the reuse of existing foundations are described and illustrated by examples from engineering practice.
Table of Contents
Introduction. Basics of geotechnical analysis. Spread foundations. Deep foundations. Combined Pile-Raft Foundation (CPRF). Dynamic behavior of foundation systems. Special foundations. Appendix: CPRF Guidelines of the ISSMGE.

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