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Cracklock Manager 2

Cracklock Manager

It can change the time of program to previous working period of software and it is almost on any software.
Programs can be influenced in two modes. Cracklock can “inject” the instructions at run-time, or modify the executable file permanently. I opted for the second variant and that probably what screwed up my app. Features Freeze time per application Optional running apps on virtual time and date Two modes of operation (run-time or permanent injection) App level or system wide effect. Conclusion Cracklock is supposed to be a solution against running time. However, 2008 is long gone, technology has changed, and this software appears to be a relic of the past. It might be useful if you’re still running Windows XP (the last good version, FYI) and want to keep running trial software from that same age.

Cracklock Manager 3

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