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Concrete Structures in Earthquake , Thomas T. C. Hsu [2019] 2

Concrete Structures in Earthquake , Thomas T. C. Hsu [2019]

Front Matter ….Pages i-xviii Periodic Material-Based Three-Dimensional (3D) Seismic Base Isolators for Small Modular Reactors (Y. L. Mo, Witarto Witarto, Kuo-Chun Chang, Shiang-Jung Wang, Yu Tang, Robert P. Kassawara)….Pages 1-16 Shear Behavior Prediction of Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Members in Earthquake (Yi-An Li, Shyh-Jiann Hwang)….Pages 17-27 Experimental Study of Novel Concrete Frames Considering Earthquake and Progressive Collapse (Xinzheng Lu, Kaiqi Lin, Donglian Gu, Yi Li)….Pages 29-45 Validation of the PARC_CL 2.0 Crack Model by the Cyclic Tests of 1/13-Scale Nuclear Containment Structures (Beatrice Belletti, Alessandro Stocchi, Francesca Vecchi)….Pages 47-66 Effect of High-Strength Reinforcement for Shear Strength and Shear-Friction Strength of RC Walls Subjected to Cyclic Lateral Loading (Hong-Gun Park, Jang-Woon Baek, Sung-Hyun Kim)….Pages 67-81 Research on Resilient Reinforced Concrete Building Structural System (Susumu Kono, Ryo Kuwabara, Fuhito Kitamura, Eko Yuniarsyah, Hidekazu Watanabe, Tomohisa Mukai et al.)….Pages 83-93 The State of Knowledge and Practice in Concrete Structure Design for Earthquake (John S. Ma)….Pages 95-110 Development of Large-Diameter Reinforcing Bars for the Seismic Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns (Juan Murcia-Delso, P. Benson Shing)….Pages 111-129 Reversed Cyclic Tests of 1/13 Scale Cylindrical Concrete Containment Structures (Chiun-Lin Wu, Thomas T. C. Hsu, Che-Yu Chang, Hu-Jhong Lu, Hsuan-Chih Yang, Chang-Ching Chang et al.)….Pages 131-149 Understanding the Seismic Behaviour of FRP Retrofitted RC Shear Walls: Past and Present (David T. Lau, Joshua E. Woods, Ahmed Hassan, Jeffrey Erochko, Carlos Cruz-Nuguez, Ibrahim Shaheen)….Pages 151-165 Seismic Response and Collapse Risk of Shearwall Buildings Subjected to Long Duration Ground Motion (Carlos E. Ventura, Michael Fairhurst, Armin Bebamzadeh, Ilaria Capraro)….Pages 167-184 Drift Capacity at Onset of Bar Buckling in RC Members Subjected to Earthquakes (Mario E. Rodriguez, Marcelo Iñiguez)….Pages 185-200 Experimental and Numerical Response of RC Walls with Discontinuities Under Cycling Loading (Leonardo M. Massone, Fabián Rojas, Gonzalo Muñoz, Ignacio Manríquez, Sebastián Díaz, Ricardo Herrera)….Pages 201-221 Assessment of the Boundary Region Stability of Special RC Walls (Ana G. Haro, Mervyn Kowalsky, Y. H. Chai)….Pages 223-242 Ductility Demand of a High-Rise RC Flat-Plate Core-Wall Building Structure in a Moderate-Seismicity Region: South Korea (Kyung Ran Hwang, Han Seon Lee)….Pages 243-264 Essential Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Structures of Limited Area and Height (Luis E. Garcia, Santiago Pujol, Juan Francisco Correal)….Pages 265-282 The Seismic Strengthening of Concrete Structures by Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete (Sung-Gul Hong, Yousun Yi, Inyoung Gu)….Pages 283-308 Effect of Strain Penetration on RC Beam–Column Joints Subjected to Seismic Loading (Jung-Yoon Lee, Jongwook Park)….Pages 309-327 Capacity-Based Inelastic Displacement Spectra for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges (Kuo-Chun Chang, Ping-Hsiung Wang, Yu-Chen Ou)….Pages 329-350 Issues Related to the Rapid Seismic Repair of Concrete Bridge Columns (Zachary Krish, Mervyn Kowalsky)….Pages 351-368 Seismic Performance of Rehabilitated RC Columns Using Material Testing Integrated (MTI) Simulation (Donghyuk Jung, Bassem Andrawes)….Pages 369-383 Test and Analysis of a Self-centering Concrete Frame Under Seismic Action (Chun Jiang, Xilin Lu, Ye Cui, Xu Lu)….Pages 385-395 Structural Performance of Slender High-Strength SFRC Columns (Fc300) Under Axial and Lateral Loadings (Yusuke Tanabe, Daisuke Honma, Masaro Kojima)….Pages 397-408 Back Matter ….Pages 409-410

Concrete Structures in Earthquake , Thomas T. C. Hsu [2019] 3

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