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Civil PE Exam AM practice Exam by Author(s): Shahin A. Mansour 2

Civil PE Exam AM practice Exam by Author(s): Shahin A. Mansour


High quality review material written by qualified, experienced, and dedicated civil engineering professor.

Civil Breadth Reference Manual for Civil PE License, First Edition, covers all the topics on the Principles and Practice of Civil Engineering exam, given by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). The book contains the eight chapters listed by NCCES exam Specifications.

Thoroughly revised to comply with the new PE Civil syllabus, effective April 2015, and the latest specifications and design standards. Presented in the Breadth format of the actual exam. It is the only book that has built in tabs for easy access during the exam. Also, it has a comprehensive summary of equations, tables, and charts to help the candidates for quick location of equation.

Time saver during the exam. Covers all AM exam topics, including: Construction: earthwork construction and layout; estimating quantities and costs; construction operations and methods; scheduling; material quality control and production; temporary structures Geotechnical: site characterization; soil mechanics; laboratory and field testing; earth structures; groundwater and seepage; shallow and deep foundations; retaining structures Structural: loadings; analysis; mechanics of materials; materials; member design Water resources and environmental: hydraulics; hydrology Transportation: geometric design

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