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PILECAP DESIGN to BS 8110:2005 2

PILECAP DESIGN to BS 8110:2005

Designing a pile cap to BS 8110:2005 involves following the specific design provisions and procedures outlined in the code. Here is a general outline of the design process for a pile cap based on BS 8110:2005:

Determine the design loads: Identify the various loads acting on the pile cap, including the dead loads, imposed loads, and any other relevant loads specified in the project requirements.

Determine the characteristic strength of concrete: Determine the characteristic strength of concrete based on the specified grade of concrete and the relevant material properties.

Determine the characteristic strength of soil: Conduct a geotechnical investigation to determine the characteristic strength parameters of the soil, including the bearing capacity, allowable soil pressures, and any relevant soil properties.

Determine the pile cap size and shape: Determine the plan dimensions and thickness of the pile cap based on the number and arrangement of piles, as well as the applied loads. Consider factors such as the pile arrangement and spacing.

Calculate the bending moments and shear forces: Calculate the design bending moments and shear forces acting on the pile cap based on the applied loads and the pile arrangement. Consider the distribution of loads and moments from the supported columns or walls.

Check for punching shear: Evaluate the pile cap’s resistance to punching shear failure at critical sections. Design appropriate shear reinforcement, such as shear links or stirrups, to ensure the pile cap can resist punching shear forces.

Determine the reinforcement requirements: Determine the required reinforcement for the pile cap based on the design bending moments and shear forces. Consider the minimum and maximum reinforcement ratios, concrete cover requirements, and any other applicable design provisions.

Provide reinforcement detailing: Detail the reinforcement for the pile cap, including the arrangement, sizes, and cover requirements. Ensure compliance with the code provisions for reinforcement detailing.

Check for crack widths and deflections: Evaluate the crack widths and deflections of the pile cap to ensure they satisfy the limits specified in BS 8110:2005. Consider factors such as concrete shrinkage, temperature effects, and serviceability requirements.

Prepare design drawings and documentation: Create detailed design drawings illustrating the pile cap plan, reinforcement layout, dimensions, and any other relevant details. Document the design calculations, assumptions made during the design process, and any applicable design code references.

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